A Go Like The Wind Original written by the Kindergarten and First Grade Students. This marks the first track ever recorded by Kindergarten students at GLTW!


Animals out in the winter cold.
They’re getting stuck in the deep deep snow.
One of them fell down into a hole.
We need to save them!

Put on my snowpants, my boots and gloves.
To get them out we’re gunna need a shovel.
Grab a rope and a coat and hat.
It’s getting late, we need to get them fast.
We need to save them!

We need to be-ee brave
Animals need to be saved.
Hurry up, and don’t be late.
Animals need to be saved.

One of us gets tied up to a rope.
Lower them down into the deep deep hole.
Bring up the animals one by one.
Pull up our friend, and then we’re done.

Cover up the hole.
Then we can go-oo home.
We need to celebrate.
The animals have all been saved.
Everyone did so great.
The animals have all been saved.


from Go Like The Wind Holiday Music 2016, released December 22, 2016
Vocals: Samer Alawi, Zeyad Alawi, Hadassah Allen, Naomi Bartlett, Alexander Bradshaw, Rosemary Churchville, Julia Czyz, Joy Ghotane, Nora Handique, Ananya Haridas, Pablo Hernandez-Martin, Phoebe Holland, Gael Jeanpierre, Saanvi Kulkarni,Kavni Latchamsetty, Rand Mavrinac, Ali Najafi, Jackson Olson, Lincoln Olson, Ishvik Pothula, Lia Schunder, Nora Strobel, Liam Tarte

Loops and Keyboards: John Churchville

Engineering, Mixing, Mastering: John Churchville

This track was created using the following software:



all rights reserved


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Go Like the Wind School is nestled on a beautiful 40 acre campus in the green belt of Ann Arbor, MI. Led by music director John Churchville.

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