Anything's Possible

by Go Like The Wind



All the music on this album was composed by Go Like the Wind Students under the direction of John Churchville.


released May 10, 2011

Recorded Mixed and Mastered at Go Like The Wind School, Ann Arbor, MI.
Music Director: John Churchville
Production and Engineering Team:
Lucas Atkinsmith, Faith Austin, Chase Beck, Trey Beck, Chris Kuehnel, Ella Marx
Cover Art: Katelyn Miller
C.D. Art: Hallie Kasper
©2011 Go Like The Wind Music, All Rights Reserved



all rights reserved


Go Like The Wind Ann Arbor, Michigan

Go Like the Wind School is nestled on a beautiful 40 acre campus in the green belt of Ann Arbor, MI. Led by music director John Churchville.

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Track Name: Rainy Day
It's a rainy day I'm feelin' lonley.
My friends are not around and I'm feelin' blue.
When will the sun come out? I wish I was happy.
Lying in my bed, what should I do?
Maybe, I could read a book....
Maybe, I could play a game....
Maybe, I could draw a picture...of a sunny day.


The sun is shining bright.
The clouds are fluffy white.
The grass is green, the sky is blue.
I am happy.

I looked out my window.
I'm surprised to see.
Peaking out of the clouds,
a rainbow smiling at me.

Oh Yea!
Track Name: Eggman
An evil rocket scientist is heading to the moon.
He's talking to the aliens and warning us of doom.
His name is Evil Eggman, he likes to eat rotten eggs.
His teeth are yellow and his hair is green and he's got big chicken legs!

He wants to break the earth in half, crack it like an egg,
scramble it up and give it to the a-li-ens.
They are getting hungry, they want to eat right now.
The only way they'll go away is to stop evil eggman NOW!

We have to call the space police as fast as we can,
to make the aliens go away and to stop the Evil Eggman.
They set a trap to catch him, filled with rotten eggs.
He walked right in the trap went SNAP and now we all are saved!

The aliens have gone away and we are safe at last.
We threw away the rotten eggs so the Eggman won't come back.